My girl.  My oldest.  She is precious to me.

The things she thinks about make me laugh, the way she draws amazes me.

Her enthusiasm for turning trash into treasures both frustrates me and makes me love her even more.

Last week… she found a snail shell.  A real treasure!

Turns out, there was a snail still in residence.

Said snail has now become a pet.  His name is Turbo (true story).

Today it’s rainy and her thoughts have been focused on finding a friend for Turbo.  So, during Julianne’s nap time, she put on her snail-hunting gear and went for a walk outside.


Apparently snail-searching requires a specific “look”. Crocs, and umbrella, and two old hospital gowns from previous visits my graceful child has made to the ER are apparently “it”. 😉

Rain isn’t always bad, you know?

My perspective tends to be gloomy in the rain; I focus on the things I CAN’T do.

But her?  Her perspective is different, and I like it.

Challenging myself to think a little bit more like a child during the rainy times.

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