getting there

During our pre-adoption time, I had a few favorite songs, songs that just spoke to where we were at.  One of these was “Getting There” by Steffany Gretzinger.

See… here it is… December 12th, a little over a month until we would meet out Julianne.  it would be another month before we would receive Travel Approval from China to go get our girl.

The chorus…

But we’re getting there
We’re determined to discover
All that You have hidden for us
Along the way
And we’re getting there
Your presence is the promise
There is nothing that could stop us
We’re on our way

How true these words rang for us during those long days of waiting for news!  I could imagine that the “there” we were getting to was a place where a dark-eyed, dark-haired girl waited for us.

Now, a few weeks home with our daughter, and the song is still in our lives.  This is mostly true because it was the FIRST song that Julianne fell in love with.  No joke!  She heard it in the car when it popped up on my playlist and she was hooked.  She doesn’t know what all the words mean, but every time we’re in the car she asks for “On Our Way”, and boy, she can really belt out that chorus now!

Getting There  pretty much seems to describe life right now, maybe even more than it described life during pre-adoption.

We’re determined to discover
All that You have hidden for us
Along the way

Yep.  We are discovering more every day.  Lots of hidden treasures that our eyes might have been blind to before.  I see things in our first three children that make my mama heart swell.  Introducing a new sister into the mix isn’t always easy, but they have adjusted so well and have been so understanding of her process in finding her place in the family.  I see my husband in a new light… stepping even further into a leader role that he was created for.  He’s patient, he’s funny, and he loves playing with the kids.  Bonus: he wakes up early to make breakfast every morning.  He has a servant’s heart that has always shone.

There are so many seasons in my life where survival was what it was all about.  This season has been a survival season as well, but with a twist.  Having Julianne has opened my eyes even more so to the joy that my heavenly Father has for me.  When I claim her as ours, I hear Him claim ME as HIS.  It’s something that is truly breathtaking to experience.

Your presence is the promise
There is nothing that could stop us
We’re on our way

The presence of the Lord has definitely been a promise of fresh breath, of a renewed spirit.  I collapse under the weight of all of this newness if I do it on my own.  On our own would be utterly impossible.  I’ve felt His presence in the prayers of friends.  I’ve heard His voice in a song.  I’ve felt Him like a warm blanket melting away anxiety.  I’ve seen Him in a sunrise.  My quiet times with the Lord look so much different now than before we got Julianne.  The little one that sleeps in a little bed next to me in my big bed changes things.  She still gets upset if I’m not there when she wakes up, and so I am there.  My preferred 5:30am time slot with the Lord is being overrun by our baby, and that’s okay.  I’ve decided that grace extends to the clock, and Jesus doesn’t mind speaking to me in the minute time periods that I have available throughout the day.

We’re getting there!

Yesterday Julianne took a nap in her “big girl” bed!  She loved it, and wanted to go back for night time, but we’re not ready for that yet!

This week I made legitimate lesson plans for Rachel’s homeschool week!  Something beyond the “math, vocabulary, and reading” that has been our pattern for the last few weeks.  We get to start back up with science, and she is really excited.

Recently we realized our Care Calendar meals were D-O-N-E.  No more yummy pre-made dinners being delivered to our house!  On the one hand, it’s a little sad. 😉  On the other, it’s just another step in getting there; me getting back to a normal routine in the evenings.

On Sunday I added Julianne to our family roster in the church nursery computer system!  Well, technically someone else added her, but I requested it!  I’m hoping that after Easter we can start going with her to her class.  It’s a big step!

This very morning, I woke extra early, spent about 30 life-giving minutes with the Lord, and then hopped back in bed so that I would be there when she woke up.  It’s unconventional, perhaps, but it worked!

So much good is happening.  Seeing an orphan turn into a daughter is a miracle to watch.  She may have been a daughter in name back in January, but her actions still reflected “orphan”.  Some days they still do… but every day is a little step closer to what the Lord has for our family together.

We’re definitely getting there, wherever “there” is.  I’m not holding expectations for what the future will look like, but I know we are on our way.



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