Today is my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary!

I’ve seen these people come through some seriously tough things in these 33 years.  Really really tough things.  But they’ve always leaned on each other and the Lord, and are still going strong.  Maybe even stronger than ever before.  They are a testimony to hard times making a bond stronger if the fire you walk through burns off the chaff and leaves gold.  I have seen a little more gold shine through with every trial.

My favorite thing about this day is that their years married is less than my years of life.  That’s right.  I’m 35.  Two years older than their marriage.  I was born during my mom’s first marriage, but my dad loved me like his own from the start.  He even gets teary when he tells my birth story… the birth he wasn’t even there for!  He just feels like he was.


My parents show that adoption is beautiful.  I am adopted by my dad, and it made my adoption by my heavenly Father easy to understand and accept.  It’s a part of my story that I treasure.

Happy Anniversary, you crazy lovebirds!  Thanks for the example that you are.  For better or for worse, you show that with Jesus, it’s possible to stick together through anything.  You are a blessing to me.



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