filling the love tank

What is it that people say when they’re sorry but not really sorry about something?

That’s what I am.

Sorry for the back-to-back posts.

Not sorry at all because it’s cuteness that MUST be recorded.

Another great day?  Yes.  That is what is going on here.

We have had “mommy hold you” happen… at her request.


We have had “mommy, hug!”… at her request.


And we have had some awesome dance moves (at my request!)

Today is a day to pull in close and layer on some extra cuddles because tomorrow will be another new experience for her.  And, we need her auxiliary love tanks filled before we can go into this one.  Lots of new people.  Lots of new stimuli.  Excited to post about it later, but for now, I’ll finish up here and go get a few more of those awesome hugs.


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