save some sanity {a post about organizing}

I’m a fan of being organized.  I like order.  I like organized items to be pretty and usefully arranged.  I also like saving what sanity I can during these whirlwind days of summer when all the kids are home, and we need some structure to help with the transition from school, as well as help our youngest, who was very used to a lot of structure before she came home.

Based on the number of arguments we have at and around the table about who gets to do what and who doesn’t want to do what plus the daily battle of asking “did you brush your teeth” and “did you make your bed”, I decided that a spot to keep the kids organized and accountable was needed.  And… here are the results.  I’m pretty happy about the whole look, as well as the practicality of it.


The top board is for the daily “table activities” the kids tended to disagree on.  Some are preferred, some… are not!  Each pocket has an activity listed…  “Say a Prayer”, “Wipe Off Table”, “Sweep Under Table”, and “Take a Break”.  Sweeping is the least favorite of the activities, whereas getting to spray the table and clean it is, for some reason, a favorite!  We often had battles over who got to ask God to bless the meal, so now each kid gets a whole day to pray to their heart’s content. 🙂


The little stick people are decorated by each kid, so they know which activity is theirs for the day.

My favorite is probably Julianne’s.


And today is HER favorite day!  Her prayers are so sweet.  They sound something like, “God is here, God is here… AMEN!!”

The baskets below are for the three older kids.  I don’t have one up for Julianne yet for a number of reasons.  We are still doing attachment and bonding practices with her, so things like “get dressed” and “make bed” are things I do with her or for her.  The older three, however, can handle these things on their own, and checking things off of a checklist is right up their alley.


I bought some cheap clipboards and let them decorate the backside of them with duct tape one afternoon.  It was a fun activity for them, and added a little perfect imperfection to the whole thing.  I mean, I might like neat and orderly, but I also really like kid art!  Their choices of duct tape made me smile.  My girly girl chose a bacon-themed duct tape as one of hers.  Love it.  Made sure that the whole thing was at a level that the youngest could reach easily, otherwise, what good would it be???

The mirrors at the top I got just to make the whole production look even and pretty.  I’m a sucker for the turquoise/teal color, and these little heart-shaped mirrors couldn’t be passed up.  50% off, baby!


Where did I get it all??  Everything is from Hobby Lobby!  The mirrors, the red-edged board, the metal baskets, the clipboards, the scrapbook paper that made the activity pockets and the wooden people sticks.  Even some of the duct tape is from Hobby Lobby!

Hoping our new Kid Spot will help cut down on a few battles at the table this summer and beyond.  Hoping that the chore charts will help inspire some motivation to get things done without having to be reminded.  Because, let’s be honest.  Sometimes, with four kids, I forget to remind them to brush their teeth.  It’s gross, but it’s true.  I need them to be able to handle that stuff, and record it so that I can check on it later when I see the clipboards sitting there!  A reminder for them, and a reminder for me. 😉

Happy Summer, Everyone!


4 Comments on “save some sanity {a post about organizing}”

  1. What a great idea! We use Managers of Their Chores for chore packs…. They have been collecting dust since China. On the same wavelength as you and planning to dust them off now that summer has arrived! Mommy needs help!

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