Julianne {four months home}

Today is the day we celebrate FOUR months home with our girl!  It seems like no time at all, and also a really long time, you know what I mean?

At four months home, Julianne, you can understand much of what we say.  You are learning more and more English words, and have taken to certain phrases like a duck to water…

“I KNOW!” (said with the attitude very similar to your older sister!)

“Mama, gimme kish (kiss)”

“I can do it!”

“Dat one MINE!”

“Go to church?”

All these, and more! Your vocabulary is astounding, especially considering the fact that you had never been exposed to English before you walked into that little office room and saw us waiting for you.  For a girl who struggled to communicate in her birth language at times… your transition is nothing short of amazing.


Your favorite color is pink right now, and you insist on having the pink version of whatever is available.  Cups, plates, shirts, socks, airplanes on a ride at a local park… all PINK!

You eat pretty much anything, although it’s clear that you have a strong distaste for green beans, which makes me laugh.  Your face when you don’t like something is quite a study. 😀


You play really well with your siblings most of the time, and you’ve stopped playing by yourself as much as you used to.  Now you like to be a part of what’s going on; you’re no longer content to sit on the sidelines.  You are a part of the family as best you understand it to be, and you want in on the action.  Tickle-fests, movie nights, reading books, building with Legos… you insist on being a part of everything that is going on.

IMG_6779We still have some really up and down days happening, but that’s okay.  We know, even when it’s hard, that it’s part of the process, and we love you enough to ride the roller coaster with you.  You’ve experienced a world of change in the past four months, and we have, too.

It’s a crazy ride, but the ride is worth the reward.


6 Comments on “Julianne {four months home}”

  1. I get so excited to read your posts! I can’t wait until the day I get to write about my little one’s transition home. Thank you for sharing and congrats on what sounds like a lot of great bonding and attachment in a couple short/long months! 🙂

  2. What I am learning (slowly!) is that the bonding and attachment process is looooong! Definitely not “there”, per se, but definitely getting there. 🙂

  3. Hi my name is Colleen and I’m a foster mom in India. One of the babies in our house has EB and we pray everyday that he will find his forever family! We found you’re blog and are so encouraged that you adopted Julianne. It gives us hope that one day Caden’s forever family will fall in love with him and bring him home. If you have any advice on caring for Caden feel free to email me at colleenawilliams22@gmail.com.

  4. So exciting! Glad you found me, and am always available to answer questions! Taking care of an EB kiddo is a learning curve; every kid reacts differently and requires slightly different care to keep them as comfortable as possible! Are you on Facebook? There are some great groups where I have learned loads by asking any and every question!
    Prayers for your sweetie’s family to find him soon!

  5. Do you mind sharing those groups? We’re trying to get more involved in the EB community to get our questions answered and hopefully get more exposure for our little man!

  6. If you’re on Facebook, look for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Lounge. There is a public group that pretty much anyone can join. It’s a great place to start if you have questions.

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