July Gifts {Day 3}

A gift in FAMILY, FAITH, FREEDOM.  Just one?  Ugh.  Too many that I love.  🙂

It’s hard to catch this boy being still… but I love this picture from a family worship time.  Pajamas, loud praise music, laughter, dancing.  All in the presence of the Lord.  Family.  Faith.  Freedom.


Joy comes from the Spirit, he grows it in us as we become more grafted into the Vine. Our family has this hanging on our wall.  It’s a constant reminder that our faith allows us the freedom to choose joy.  All we have to do is say “yes” to Jesus and what he has for us.  Choosing Jesus = choosing joy.


I know I’ve posted this picture before, but it fits so well on this day as well!  I love these kids!  We are family, and not because we share genetics, because we don’t.  We walk in faith knowing that adoption isn’t easy, and that there will be experiences that are on the highest of mountaintops, and those in the deepest of valleys.  We gain more freedom in Christ as he shows us how to love each other; as he presses and molds us into His image.


Family, faith, and freedom actually fit really well together, don’t they?  I can’t imagine having one of these without the others.


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