July Gifts {Day Four}

A gift in RED, WHITE, and BLUE!!


This girl is celebrating her FIRST 4th of July!  When I saw this red, white, & blue butterfly shirt a while ago, I snagged it and saved it for today.

For those not, “in the know”, the butterfly is often used to describe children who have the genetic skin disorder that our daughter has.  Epidermolysis Bullosa (or EB) makes the skin more fragile than it should be, resulting in skin tears and blistering wounds when there is friction or trauma.  Summer has been a learning experience; so many more new wounds since the heat makes her skin break down more easily.  But you know, through it all, she wears a smile.

Today’s gift is the strength with which our butterfly flies through life like her wings are forged from steel.  She may have fragile skin, but she is a warrior nonetheless.


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