July Gifts {Day 5 & 5 months home} + some extra sparkle

Day 5 = 3 Gifts in Persistance

I apologize for the awkward title; there are so many things that need to be celebrated today!  I’m also sorry-but-not-really-sorry that my gifts seem to be mostly adoption-related.  Let’s face it, that has been our reality for the past FIVE months.  That’s right.  Today marks FIVE months since we landed in the airport in our hometown with our new daughter.  FIVE months of learning and loving and leaning heavily on the support of family and friends, and the arms of Jesus.


So, my fifth-day-gifts are my three older kiddos.  They have exemplified persistence as they have adjusted to this new normal.  They have loved when love has not been reciprocated.  They have been patient when they were out of patience. They continued to walk their lives like adding a new sister wasn’t any big deal at all.  They have really started acting more like siblings recently.  The arguing, the bickering, the tattling… and even though those things test MY persistence in showing grace, I kind of like it.  They also play together, and include their sister in their games without having to think about it.  They have gone from 3 + 1 to just being 4.

bluebonnets 8

Now… some extra 4th of July sparkle (Aunt Kate, these are for you since I know you won’t see them otherwise!)

A pool full of cousins!
A pool full of cousins!

7-4-15 #2

7-4-15 #6

7-4-15 #5

Naturally, I forgot my real camera for my daughter’s first 4th of July.  So, all of the night pics were taken by my sister-in-law!  Thankful for these memories captured on film.

Julianne loved her first Fourth of July!  The swimming, the new shirt, the giant chocolate cake, the homemade strawberry ice cream, and the SPARKLERS!!  She wasn’t overly impressed with the other fireworks, but the sparklers were a hit. At 10pm when the sparklers were long gone and she was way past bedtime she curled up in my lap and said, “I tired.”  Miraculously, she stayed awake on the drive home and then slept to 7am!  Hallelujah!

Happy FIVE months home, Julianne!


1 Comments on “July Gifts {Day 5 & 5 months home} + some extra sparkle”

  1. Oh Whitney! I LOVE the pictures and (very selfishly) love that you went out of your way to include Aunt Kate! Thank you for that gift this morning :). I love you all and am glad y’all enjoyed Julianne’s first 4th of July!

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