July Gifts {Day Seven}

A Gift of Challenge, Conflict, and Change.

Today’s gift is knowing that a sweet little boy joined his forever family on this day, one year ago!  I have been privileged to watch him grow and change over the past year, and privileged to watch his Mommy and Daddy grow and change, too!   If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it a million times:  Adoption isn’t easy!  So often people who look in on these stories see the kids and the change and it’s easy to say, “they’re so lucky to have you”.  Truth be told, luck has nothing to do with it.  I once read that “luck takes the love out of the equation“, and I think that’s so right on.  Sweet Nate is in a great family, but not by chance.  He’s there because his Heavenly Father put pieces together that only HE could see.  He saw Nate in his need, and his Mommy and Daddy, brother and sister in their need.  He knew that this coming-together into FAMILY would glorify Himself, and so it is.

Nate 4

This past year has been all three of these things in one ball of tears and frustration and laughter.

Challenge?  Yep.  It’s challenging to bring home a new child from hard places.  But, it’s worth it, wouldn’t you say?

Nate 5

Conflict?  Yep.  Recall:  Adoption isn’t easy!!  There is conflict.  Sibling rivalries, jealousies, regret, hurt, fear, uncertainty.  But, it’s so worth it, wouldn’t you say?

Nate 2

Change?  Yep.  Change in the child, change in the family, change in the Mommy, change in the Daddy.  Change for the extended family, change for friends.  Change has a reputation for not being easy, but even in the hard times, it’s so worth it, wouldn’t you say?

Nate 3

Happy “Gotcha” Day to sweet Nate!  You are a gift from the Lord, and a world changer in your own right.  Your smiles light up a room, and your giggles are infectious.  You are so loved.



2 Comments on “July Gifts {Day Seven}”

  1. I love when it pops up that you’ve written a new blog, I so enjoy reading what you have to say! I feel a little like a creepy stalker liking everything you write, but it is a genuine “like”. LOL😂

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