July Gifts {Day Ten}

Three Gifts in Weakness


Again, looked at this first thing in the morning so that I could be on the hunt for weakness.  Thought about several things…

when Rachel broke her arm a few years ago and how the bone was ultimately made stronger by the breaking and healing

when I trained for a half marathon last year and the sore muscles that were ultimately made stronger by the repetitive action of my feet hitting the road one step after another.

when I watched a marriage of people I love struggle through painful circumstances and how ultimately that couple is stronger now because of the battles they fought together to stay married.

when I see people walk through cancer treatments, and though their bodies are weakened, ultimately, their spirits are made stronger

when people give up all of their worldly goods to serve God and ultimately gain more heart-stored treasure

when we humble ourselves to ask forgiveness from people close to us… because it’s always those closest to us that see the ugliest parts of us, right?

I don’t really know how that all ends up.  I don’t have a cool inspirational thought to tie it all together.  I just know that I’m thankful that in my weakness, He is strong.


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