July Gifts {Day Fourteen}

Three Gifts Yellow…

It took me a while before I liked the color yellow.  When I was younger (much younger!) I was wearing a pale yellow shirt one day.  A boy in my class told me that with my blonde hair, fair skin, and yellow shirt, I looked yellow all over, like a banana.

I have no inherent problem with bananas.  But for my middle school heart, hearing those words somehow damaged my self-esteem.  I am still pretty cautious about the color yellow, but not so much because I fear looking like fruit… it really doesn’t look that great on me, and I can see that objectively now as a 30-something.  Who knows, maybe that insensitive brat of a middle school boy turned out to be a fashion designer or something.

Anyhow, on to three gifts yellow.

This was easy to record with pictures… three things that have made me see yellow as a gift, not as an insult.

The butterflies at the butterfly house at our zoo aren’t from around here… and they are beautiful.


The deer normally snap off the blooms as soon as they come up, but I caught this one before it became a snack.


This girl of mine has my hair, and my fair skin, and if she ever chooses to wear yellow, I will tell her she looks beautiful.



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