Last Friday, my son tripped, caught himself when he fell, and fractured his radius.  I knew immediately from the look of panicked pain on his face that something wasn’t right.  I had seen that look before, just two-and-a-half years earlier when his older sister fell off the balance beam at gymnastics class and snapped her humerus!  We took him to the local mini-ER, got an x-ray, and confirmed what our gut told us.  Since his bone was basically dented in at the top, and not displaced (and thus, not requiring surgery), we were sent off with a sling, instructions to call a pediatric orthopedic doctor, and take him in on Monday.  I made the appointment, and continued to monitor his pain, but he really was acting fairly normal… to the point that I kind of wondered if it was even necessary to take him in.


He did well over the weekend and Monday morning found us on our way to the orthopedic doctor’s office where he took all of 45 seconds to tell me he needed to be put in a cast.

According to the doctor, his arm needed to be completely immobilized.  My sweet, rambunctious 7-year-old did not have the ability to keep his arm as still and protected as he needed to for the 2-3 weeks required for full healing. A cast would do that for him, and it would prevent the chances of re-injury, which might lead to a need for surgery.

Bottom line?  He needed his arm to stop moving.


Of course I agreed to this!  Of course I did!  I don’t want my son to experience any more pain than he already has!  He was a little excited about the idea of getting a cast on, after all, don’t most kids long for the colorful plaster covered with signatures from their friends??  Not even an hour later, though, he confessed, “I was wrong about wanting a cast, Mama!”  South Texas heat and a full-arm cast apparently don’t mesh well. 😉

From a mother’s point of view this injury was totally preventable.  I mean, HOW MANY TIMES did I tell that little stinker to not run through the kitchen?  About a million.  HOW MANY TIMES did I let him know that hardwood floors are slippery with socks on?  About a million.

How many times has the Lord reminded me to “not run through the kitchen with socks on”, or in my case, fill my time with activities and pursuits that ultimately just drain time without glorifying him?  How many times have I nodded and kept on keeping on with what I’m doing?

About a million.

IMG_0082Sometimes, I need to stop.  A forced halting of the activity that causes my attention to be pulled away from where it should be.  So, here’s to today.  I refuse to make lofty goals about what the rest of the summer will look like at this point, but I can say that TODAY, I’m choosing to stop.  No staying logged into Facebook all day to easily check it, no surfing the web searching for the perfect curtains for my dining room window.  Today I choose to live MY life instead of watching others live theirs, and I choose to do that WITH the littles ones that call me Mama.  They have seen a lot of Mama trying to just get by this summer.  Not gonna lie, it has been a rough time.  But, today is a new day.  New mercies combined with an old grace that never fades.


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