family worship {what I’ve learned}

A few weeks ago, the Hubs and I made the decision to start being more intentional about worshipping together as a family.  It’s something we’ve both wanted to do, but for various reasons, really hadn’t tried and stuck with it. There are so many things that make family worship time with littles challenging.  We are not doing this perfectly by any stretch of the imagination, but we are doing it.  We have found that…

1.  Kids aren’t adults.

Yep.  It’s true.  I don’t know why I expected them to act like children all day long, but then all of the sudden morph into adult-like beings during this time.  They are kids.  They have short attention spans.  They want to read the cool Bible stories about battles over and over.  They want to move around and dance and squirm and fidget.  And all of that?  It’s good.  Bottom line, anything that involves kids involves some degree of craziness.


2.  Kids learn to worship from adults.

They may not BE adults, but they sure are WATCHING the adults!  I confess that part of why it took so long to get rolling with this is because I was a little weirded out by what it would look like; what I would look like!  Agghhh… can’t believe I just admitted that, but it’s true.  I have to focus on the object of my worship, and that is God.  His glory.  His beauty.  We’ve always been self-concious about how our worship appeared to others, but we’re slowly growing past that.  Slowly realizing that our kids aren’t going to think it’s okay to worship with your heart, mind, and emotions unless they see us do it first.

3.  Kids are not perfect, and family worship time is not perfect.

Because… they are kids.  And it is crazy.  I may have already mentioned that, but it’s worth a repeat.  I go into the time with very managed expectations about what it will look like, and that’s healthy.

4.  Kids love family worship!

If we have to miss an evening because of a late night out or maybe it’s just one of those nights when getting everyone in bed early is what needs to happen, you better be sure they will remember the missed occasion and remind us!  They love it!

5.  Kids can change the course of their day with worship.

We had a day not that long ago when I thought I was about to lose my mind!  Complaining, arguing, and whining were the communication tools being utilized that day, and all of us were miserable.  We stopped, listened to a song together, and then asked the Lord to remind us of something GOOD.  And, he did.


5.  Kids will surprise you.

The one that never wants to pray out loud?  That kid will one day volunteer to pray and it will surprise you and make you cry a little.  Joy-of-the-Lord tears, you know?

6.  Kids will learn to love each other, love God, and love those in the world.

We pray regularly for others.  We’re trying to teach them to pray for the world by letting them choose a country to pray for.  We have a book called Pray for the World that has interesting facts about each country, and ways to pray.  They LOVE this part of family worship when we do it!


7.  Kids can be still.

They may be wild and crazy most of the time, but they CAN be still!  Occasionally (not every time, though) we will play a quieter, more contemplative song.  We tell them that being still and listening for God to talk to you is something we have to practice; even grown-ups have to practice!  It’s not something that happens naturally.  And you know, they can do it.  Even my full-of-energy-oh-why-can’t-I-have-some-of-that-energy boys can sit and listen.  God talks to kids, too, so why not have them practice putting themselves in a place to hear and recognize His voice??

8.  Parents need family worship just as much as kids do. 



2 Comments on “family worship {what I’ve learned}”

  1. Thanks, Whitney,
    This is refreshing. Too bad my parents didn’t know! Even so, they caused God’s Word to stick in my heart with their verrrry structured family altar time.😁😄😇
    Now I am thankful.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Haha!! I love structure, but I also love not being stressed out!! “Kinda-sorta structure” works now for the kids & for my anxiety!! ❤️

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