Julianne {6 months home}



The other day the autocorrect feature on my phone made me giggle a bit…

I was sitting in a chair in the playroom with two other empty chairs to my left.  Julianne came over and was insistent that I move over and let her squeeze onto the chair with me.

“Mommy, move!”

Of course, I did.  I know that personal space is still a relatively new concept for her, and being close to me is important.  Not gonna lie, it stresses this introverted mama out at times to have a little person all up in my business ALL. THE. TIME, but *most* days I choose to see it as a gift rather than a nuisance.

I snapped a picture of us and uploaded it to Instagram where I proceeded to type out the story.  I guess I typed the word chair incorrectly, so autocorrect decided to kick into gear and what I ended up with instead of “She climbed into the chair” was,

“She climbed into the chaos…”


The past six months have indeed been a little chaotic at times.  At this point I feel like we’re finally starting to settle into being a family.  That doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that things at home are always perfect.  They’re not.  Our lives are busier with four children, but if I’m honest, things around this joint were already a little crazy/chaotic before Miss Personality joined our crew!

If I take the time to count up the changes that have occurred over the span of six months, it’s mind-boggling.

SHE has changed so much.  True there are still times when her behavior screams, “I lived in an orphanage for 3.5 years!”, but many other times when her behavior proves she understands that she is here for good.

WE have changed so much. We’re a little more patient, a little more flexible, a little more likely to leave dishes in the sink overnight.

We are less grossed out by medical stuff than ever before, we are less focused on doing things perfectly, we are less aware of the Joneses and what it takes to keep up with them.

She's in love with her pink piggy bank that she painted last week!  The lady at the shop asked what the piggy's name was... Julianne's response?  "Pink Pig". :D
She’s in love with her pink piggy bank that she painted last week! The lady at the shop asked what the piggy’s name was… Julianne’s response? “Pink Pig”. 

Six months home and my heart knows that she belongs here forever.  I’m so thankful that the Lord saw fit to include her in our family; she makes our chaos a little more beautiful.


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