Can I?

I hear this question more times per day than I care to count.

Me to the four kids: “It’s time for lunch… let’s sit down at the table.”

Julianne: “Can I?”

Me to the four kids: “We’re going to go to the pool…let’s get our bathing suits on.”

Julianne: “Can I?”

Me to the four kids: “We need to run to the store… let’s get our shoes on.”

Julianne: “Can I?”

Every time a “we” or “us” statement is made in regards to the activity going on she questions… “can I”.

She doesn’t know that she CAN. We leave no man behind in this crazy thing we call family. Family means together. Family means forever. Even now, after months home, she wonders if this is real, if it’s a reality that she can trust, if she is a part of what is happening around her.



You can put on your shoes.

You can eat lunch at lunchtime.

You can go with us to church.

You can swim in the pool.

You can have a snack.

You can watch the cartoon.

You can play with the toys.

You can choose a book at the library.

You can have dessert.

You can put a bow in your hair.

You can ride a bike.

You can choose which shirt you want to wear.

You can have more water to drink.

You can snuggle with your stuffed turtle during naptime.

You can fly a paper airplane.

You can go to the park.

You can play the board game.

You can build the puzzle.

You can have more eggs at breakfast.

You can.

You can because you are one of us.

You aren’t on your own anymore, little girl.

You’re not.

We are your FAMILY, and although I know that word doesn’t mean to you what it means to the rest of us right now, one day it will.

Until then, I will answer you, “yes, you can.”


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