Best of the Week

I really really really like taking pictures.  I take a LOT of pictures.  Some with my “real” camera, most with my iPhone camera (PS- the iPhone 6 camera is amazing.  Love it.)

Often times I will use pics in a post, but sometimes there isn’t a post that will do justice to a particular picture.  You know??

Yep. Our guinea pig, Marshmallow, is about as cool as they come.

Take, for instance, this picture of one of our guinea pigs.  How am I supposed to work this beauty into a post about the deep things that have been thunk?  It’s basically impossible.

Marshmallow is clearly one of the coolest piggies around.  My oldest loves the little fluffy munchkins, and enjoys dressing them up in her doll clothes.  I’m guessing when my Aunt S sent these doll glasses to my daughter she had no idea they would end up on our piggie’s cute little face!

So, maybe, just maybe (and on occasion… like… when I remember to), I might have to have a Best of the Week post where one of my favorite and yet clearly crazy pictures makes it off of camera roll and onto the blog.  This picture is blog-worthy for several reasons…

  1.  My kids make me laugh at the crazy stuff they do and I want to remember it.

And also…

2.   Guinea pigs are (obviously) super cool.


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