every little thing

Like many, I sat outside for a while last night and watched as the “super” moon lunar eclipse.  In my neck of the woods it was not a clear night; there really wasn’t anything “super” about the moon itself.  The eclipse, though, that was kind of neat to watch.

I’m no astronomer.  I don’t regularly study the stars; in fact I’m pretty sure that until the day I die the only constellation I will recognize is Orion.  Even so, my amateur eyes could tell that even when the moon was completely in the shadow of the Earth, I could still see a faint glow in the sky that indicated where it SHOULD be brightly reflecting the sun’s light.

I was thankful for the eclipse last night because it reminded me of myself.  I’m just a body that reflects the light of my heavenly Father.  Too often there are things of the world that threaten to stand between me & Him, and at times, those things seem to block Him completely from my sight.  The reflection of Him on my face grows dimmer, the shadow seems to be powerful.

But it’s not.

The Shadow cannot completely obscure His light from reflecting off of me.  Even when it seems like I’m completely overwhelmed by life, by hurts, by uncertainties, by loss, by grief, by anger, by doubts… He is still there.  He’s still bright enough a Light that the darkness cannot fully encompass it.  Ever.

Photo credit: http://www.moonzoo.org/Lunar_Eclipses
Photo credit: http://www.moonzoo.org/Lunar_Eclipses

The shadow crept slowly across the moon last night, and that’s how I often feel.  I become preoccupied with watching the shadow, knowing what it wants, seeing its goal, so much so that I forget to look at the Son.  The shadow is mesmerizing, I saw that last night when I couldn’t seem to tear my eyes away from the event happening in the night sky.

The eclipse reminded me that it’s okay to see the Shadow.  Being aware is important.

The eclipse reminded me that it’s more important to see the Son.  Knowing that the shadows are there is great.  But unless I turn my face to the Light, the shadows will eventually take over; all that will remain is a faint glow in the place where there should be bright reflection.

I think we need to ask ourselves often if we are seeing the Shadows and directing our focus to them, or if we are looking past the things that threaten to block out the Light and seeing the Son?  He can vanquish the darkness.  He proved that on the third day when the tomb was emptied.  He can do it for us, too. Every day.  Every thing.  Even the little things.  Especially the little things!   The eclipse progressed slowly across the face of the moon and the things that pile up in our life obstructing our view of the Son slowly build up and become common place until we think that partial reflection is all we are capable of.

Since nothing good grows in the dark, I will confess and bring into the light the fact that today didn’t start out particularly joyfully.  There are definitely pieces of life that are dark and ugly and that bring out the ugly in me when I think about them.  My instinct is to watch the shadow and will it to stop in it’s tracks before I’m completely overwhelmed by the emotions that threaten to consume me.  I can’t will it to happen, but I can look away from it and know that when my eyes burn from staring at the face of Jesus, the shadows will lose their power.

I may feel like a moon eclipsed, but I’m not.  Even on the darkest nights the sun is still there.  Still shining.  Still beckoning.  Still drawing me nearer.  Still loving me. Still willing to draw out the ugly and replace it with the light of Truth.

So thankful.


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