eight months…

Fall is finally starting to attempt to battle against the forces of evil known as Texas Summer Heat.

And this little pumpkin?  She’s been home EIGHT months now.

Cannot believe it.

we like big bows and we cannot lie...
we like big bows and we cannot lie…

Today she has preschool picture day, so we’re practicing our smile.  She’s got it down pat.  Big. Cheesy.  Beaming.

This little pumpkin loves all things girly and frilly.

She is becoming more particular about the foods she eats.  Last night she told me, “I love dis fish, no”. 😀

She loves going to church and she loves going to school.  Her teacher told me that she is SO smart; that she picks up on new ideas quickly.

We’re finally settling in to what feels like a normal rhythm.  School, activities, structure… and all with a side of freedom-to-do-nothing one day if that’s what she needs.  Because some days she (ummm, and I) need that.

Happy Eight-Months, little girl!  We are so glad that you are a part of our family.


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