Pay It Forward! {EB Awareness Week}

Epidermolysis Bullosa is a really easy condition to educate others about.  It’s so… out there… no avoiding it.  People see her, they ask questions, we answer questions.

The questions and comments are a part of our life, and believe me, we’ve heard pretty much everything out there.

just in case you have every wondered… NO…

there is not a cream or medicine that will make her “better”

I’m all for educating when people have questions, but sometimes it would be nice to JUST educate without the Q & A being a part of someone’s reaction to seeing her in person!

Here is a GREAT way to do exactly that… educate and inform… I’m planning on doing it, how about you?!?

Simply go through the drive through of your favorite coffee place or fast food joint.

Tell the cashier you would like to pay it forward for the person in line behind you.

Hand the cashier this EB awareness coupon and ask them to pass it along to the person you paid for.

This coupon was created by the EB Research Partnership. Visit the site listed for more info about them.

“The Worst Disease You Never Heard Of”???

Not when we all work together to inform and educate. 

Be sure to let me know if you do this by commenting here or on Facebook!


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