when prayers are answered {EB Awareness Week}

This summer I wrote a post for No Hands But Ours where I shared my thoughts about being a Prayer Mama.

The first little one who made me a prayer mama flashed on a computer screen in front of my eyes before we even knew that adoption was going to be a path we would walk.  Her advocacy name was Lily, which happened to be the name I secretly gave the baby we never had the chance to see face-to-face on this earth.  This Lily I saw was also Chinese; the beginning of the story that God was weaving to bring us to Julianne.  She stole my breath and my heart, and since her, there have been many others who have captured my attention in a way that goes beyond just wanting all orphans to be in a family; it’s a special connection, a gift, to be able to pray diligently for these precious ones.

At the end of the blog post, I shared the profiles of two boys, both with EB, who were in need of a family to say, “yes” to them.  These two?  I am their prayer mama.  Have been since I saw them.  Desperate for them to find families, especially because they have a medical need like Julianne.  I pray for lots of kiddos, but the kiddos with EB have a special place in my heart.

I am SO excited to tell you that one of those precious boys has a family coming for him!

totally cracking up at his choice of toy... this is a popular cartoon character in China!
totally cracking up at his choice of toy… this is a popular cartoon character in China!
This sweet boy’s family is currently in the process of fundraising to raise the necessary amounts needed to pursue step after step toward bringing him home.  So now I have the chance to be a part of his story in a very practical way.  We ALL have the chance to be a part of his story!

Here’s what his mama has to say…

Hi Everyone,
thanks for visiting our fundraising page where you will receive a tax receipt for your donations! We are so excited to share our adoption journey with you and look forward to making you part of our story. What is our story? We are working towards bringing home a little boy from China! He is 3 1/2 years old and has a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Children with this disease are sometimes called “Butterfly Children”, because their skin is as delicate as a butterfly. Thankfully with the blessing of excellent health care and a loving family, he is expected to thrive. We don’t expect his condition to keep him from being a normal kid and we can’t wait to get him home!!! We appreciate your prayers and are SO encouraged by your donations. As we piece together his story we would love for you to join us in bringing him home. For each $20 donation we will write your name and/or a message on a puzzle piece. Once assembled, the puzzle will be displayed in a double sided glass frame, as a keepsake and reminder of friends, family, and even strangers who helped to bring him home.

I mean… who DOESN’T want to be involved in this??  Or find a friend and split a piece of the puzzle between the two of you?  What an AMAZING way to be a part of this family’s story, EB Awareness, and the redemptive story of adoption all at once!  I can only imagine one day, when this little fella is much older, he will look at the back of the puzzle and know just how many people put their words into action to help bring him home to his family.

click the picture to be taken to the donation page
As a fun added bonus, there is a fun give-away every two weeks for those who participate in this fundraiser, and at the end, a grand prize drawing.  Not sure what is involved with all of that, but pretty sure I don’t care.  The only prize I need is to see this boy in the arms of his mama and baba!

Visit the Meyer Family’s website and their AdoptTogether page for more details (and umm… the cutest thing ever is seeing that his Grandma can’t wait to “gently pinch” his cute little cheeks).

Being a Prayer Mama for this loved one has been so special.  I stared at his picture, watched his video clip, and prayed for a family to run hard after him.

Now he has a family.

No longer an orphan.

My heart is full.


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