then & now {EB Awareness Week/Orphan Sunday is coming… get ready!}

Yesterday we had Julianne’s 9-months-home pictures done.  True, it hasn’t been quite 9 months since we landed home-sweet-home on Texas soil, but… close enough, right?

Got to thinking yesterday afternoon that it was the 9 month marker of one of the days of my life that will never leave my memory; the day we visited her orphanage.

9 months makes a world of difference, doesn’t it?


Julianne 9 months #4

Now when she smiles, her whole face lights up!

Many people have asked us over the months… “is her skin just SO much better now that she is home?”

The answer is, “kinda”.

Her condition is still the same.  She still blisters and forms wounds with the same frequency as those first days.  But the rest of her is so much healthier!  The times when her skin is “good”, the good is better than the previous “good”.  Make sense?  I think a lot of that has to do with better hydration, and a more varied diet.

There are still so many – TOO MANY children in this world needing families.  Like this fella.  He doesn’t have EB, I don’t even know if his adoption paperwork has been prepared.  What I do know is that my daughter says he is her “best friend” and that he “cannot really walk, no”.


This may be EB Awareness Week, but for us, EB is intrinsically tied to adoption, and so I implore you, look at their faces.  Look at the faces of so many children who do not have families and ask yourself, “is adoption for us”?  The answer might be “no”.  That’s okay.  But if you’re a Christian, you don’t have a choice.  You are called to help.  It’s not an option.  Find a way to do it. Prepare meals for newly home families.  Get certified to provide respite care for foster families.  Financially support those who are raising funds to bring children home. Read.  Become informed.  Take a short-term mission trip.  Look at their faces are refuse to just glance.  PRAY for them.  Pray for the families that the Lord is calling to step up.


“I could not help but think that somewhere along the way we had missed what was radical about our faith and replaced it with what was comfortable.” — David Platt

rooms just filled with beds that are filled with children...
rooms just filled with beds that are filled with children…

Because on the other side?  On the other side is this…

Julianne 9 months #1

Pure. Joy.

Go get you some.


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