Let. It. Go.

Last week?  We went to Disney World!

Yes.  We did.

We went to Disney World with 2 adults, 4 children, and fairly low expectations.

It. Was. Fun.

Lots of fun!


I wondered if we were a tad crazy to take our crew in the stage of life we’re currently in.  And honestly, I still wonder if we weren’t just a little crazy, but… it’s done.  And, if I do say so myself…

we did Disney well.

We knew that Julianne would most likely have some serious overstimulation going on.  I mean, the last time we were on an airplane with her, it was when she was leaving EVERYTHING SHE HAD EVER KNOWN!  That’s a big deal.  She was the ONLY child who noticed when we got our suitcases out.

“Mommy?  Dat one my go China?”

None of the others had a clue as to what was coming, but her hyper-vigilance was in full-steam-ahead mode, and she knew something was up.

The flights were amazing.


And guess what??


Well, Hubs and I had our phones, but they remained off limits for kids the entire time.  And guess what?


They played card games, they colored, they rolled Playdoh into balls and then counted how many they had…  Y’all, I even got compliments on their behavior.

*pats self on back*

We suspected that being in the parks would likewise be overwhelming for our littlest.  It’s overwhelming for ME, and I don’t have the past she has.  Day One was so great.  She got to see Anna & Elsa.

Look at her face!  She was SO excited!!!

It was good that the Frozen characters were first up, because it reminded me that this trip (No… do not call this a vacation.  It was not.  It was a TRIP. A fun trip, but a TRIP) was indeed about just letting it go.  Letting go of what the day might look like.  Letting go of the need to experience the park in the same way we did several years ago.

Girl was NOT going to take her eyes off of those pesky chipmunks.  They are suspicious.  Plainly so. 

Because we were letting it go, we were not totally shocked by Day Two.  If Day One was super great, Day Two was… Day Two.

Miss J did pretty well, but she was tired from the get-go.  No wonder, the previous day had been chock full of new experiences.  By lunch time, she was D-O-N-E.  She crashed, refused to eat, and her EB started flaring.  One of her wounds became infected and caused her to pop a fever.

Anxiety + EB = no bueno

I ended up taking her back to the room to take a bath.  Had to clean out her infected wound (will spare the details… you’re welcome) and then we just chilled.

This is her, “no more, please” look.
Lunch time.  Either she was sleeping or crying.  Sweet baby…
Watchin’ some cartoons and decompressing.  

Day Three?


Apparently Day Two was just the breaking point.  After a good afternoon and evening of rest, she was totally fine again.  We kept things pretty chill for her.  She didn’t go on many rides, and she wanted to stay in the stroller a good bit.  She still had a ton of fun, though.  Turns out that a little goes a long way in the fun department when it comes to kids from an orphanage past.

To infinity and BEYOND!

Our last morning, we were able to squeeze in an unexpected character breakfast.  I had tried to make reservations, but every time slot was filled.  We went to inquire about the possibility of doing this, and they only had us wait about 5 minutes before seating us!  Such a fun surprise!

One of my boys REFUSED to take pictures with Minnie Mouse.  Because… she’s a girl.  And girls are gross.  Right?

On our way home, we had a decent wait before our flight, so we spread out and took over a little section of the waiting area.  These babies of mine were so well-behaved.  Turns out I could have raised my expectations here because they blew everyone away with their ability to entertain themselves quietly while being respectful of those around them.

Proud mama-moment!

Disney caused a little dysregulation to occur.  We knew that it would, and we were pretty prepared for it.  We had coping tools (hello, lollipops!) with us at all times, and those bad boys saved. our. lives.  No exaggeration.

Disney caused our differences to be more public.  We got lots of stares.  Julianne got LOTS of stares.  Lots of whispers.  Lots of me seeing parents lean down and gently talk to their kiddos about not staring.  My mama-bear awoke a few times, but then I just let it go.  Julianne was great.  She had no idea she was the center of so much attention.  I needed to let it go.  For her.

One of my favorite memories from our trip was when J got to meet Doc McStuffins.  The Doc made sure to give J a check-up, too.   I will give a teary shout-out to all of the cast members who play the characters.  Not a single one made a face or stared, or treated her differently in ANY way.  It was magical.


Will we do Disney again any time soon?


We promised our children that the next time we went, they would all be teenagers. 😉   I am so thankful for this chance to be together as a family last week.  It had been SO long since we had focused time to really hang out and have fun.

We’re all suffering a little from the post-Disney blues, but I say that’s a sign that fun was had by all.


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