The past few years, it has been a *thing* amongst people I know to not have a resolution for the new year.  Rather, a WORD is carefully thought about and claimed as the word they want to be about in the upcoming 365 (or in the case of this year, 366) days.

I’ve tried this.  Because, I like to be trendy (ha!) and if the word is the deal, maybe it’s worth a shot because heaven knows I never manage to get past the first week of January holding on to any resolutions.

My will power.

It is weak.

Especially when it comes to chocolate.

I digress.

This year, I decided to not have any resolutions or words because even choosing a word has not worked (when I’ve chosen the word for myself…)

A funny thing started to happen, though.  I found that the SAME word kept popping into my mind every time I was praying.  Odd?  Not really.  I’ve had similar things happen before… one of them eventually led us down the road to adoption and Julianne!

I only told one friend about this word, because it seemed a little radical.  Like, who am I to be thinking this word?  The word sounded a little too charismatic for me, you know?

I even feel hesitant saying the word out loud, and I definitely feel trepidation at the thought of other people reading the word in print.


boat and oars


That’s the word.

I told you!  For a girl who grew up Southern Baptist, the word healing is one of those which automatically brings about a little fear.  It’s just so *iffy*, and a little *weird*.

“What kind of healing are you talking about, God?”

Is it possible that *healing* happens today in the same way it happened when Jesus walked the earth and a finger hesitantly brushed against the hem of his garment was enough to restore a broken body?  I believe so!  I also have a hard time believing it could be that dramatic for us.

I’ve fallen woefully prey to the belief that the way things are will be the way things will be.  Who says they have to be?

Who am I to stamp my foot on the ground and with hands on my hips let God know that things just aren’t going to EVER be better.

Let’s be real, here.  My daughter has EB, and I would love love love if this word were for her and her medical condition!  What if it is?!?  Do I have the faith to believe that this word could be for HER in this way?

What if it’s not?  What if the healing involves healing relationships?  What if it involves walking with someone else as they seek healing in their life?

What if *healing* is for our family – if it means this year will be the year when we do more than just survive?  I would like that, too.

I believe that this word holds a lot for me, and for my family, and quite possibly for other people I know as well.

I also believe I have no idea what is coming.

That’s a little scary, but if the past year is any indicator, on the other side of scary is a whole heck of a lot of joy.

Happy New Year, friends!



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