If I could hashtag my thoughts right now, this is what it would be.

We are quickly approaching the our One Year mark with Julianne, and I can’t help but reminisce a bit  a lot.

I find myself thinking about what her last days in the orphanage were like.  Was she happy?  Did she know she was about to leave everything she knew?  Was she being prepared?  Did she get to look a the book filled with family pictures we sent to her?

I find myself thinking about us… this day last year, we didn’t even know if we would make it to her before her 4th birthday in March!  We were given about a 50/50 shot of getting her before Chinese New Year, and if we didn’t get her before, it would most likely be after her birthday.  I was all full up of anxiety and peace this time last year; knowing that God’s timing would be perfect, and so badly wanting our girl to be home before her birthday.

This picture triggered another trip down Memory Lane yesterday.  She’s in preschool two days a week, and when I think about how far she has come since this time last year, I am speechless.


Last January?

She would grab any writing/drawing utensil and just scribble all over a page, and then another, and another.  It was like she was afraid that the paper would run out, that this experience would be short lived.  She couldn’t trust what forever meant, even when it came to her paper supply.


She wrote her name.  She purposefully colors pictures with the colors she knows the names of now.  She chooses whether she wants markers or crayons.  She knows that if we don’t have time to color right before lunch, there will be time after nap.

She believes a little more in forever now than a year ago.

Today her name gets posted on the Wall of Accomplishment because that is exactly what it is.

So proud of this child.  So very proud of her.


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