I need some help, friends.  Like, big time help.

Not so long ago, I saw this little cherub’s face pop onto my computer screen.

455 - Guo Chenfang (10) copy

And just like that, a piece of my heart was gone.


Just. Like. That.

I’ve seen many an adorable face waiting for their family, and they all wreck me.  But this one?  It was more than wrecked.  I was utterly destroyed.

Allie 1

Only on TWO occasions since coming home with Julianne have I requested to see a child’s file.  The first time was when I saw an adorable boy with Epidermolysis bullosa, like our girl.  And, joyfully, I was able to see a family choose him, and now I get to follow his journey home!

This girly?  She was the second request I made.  At the time, she was listed with our agency, so the request was easy.   Her diagnosis is Osteogenesis Imperfecta… she has “brittle bone” disease.

We have a daughter with weak skin…

this precious girl has weak bones.

As I read more about it, I realized what it was that had grabbed my heart and cemented it into her tiny grip… it was the fact that she reminded me of Julianne!

Two strong little girls, trapped in bodies that, through no fault of their own, are weaker than they should be.

Two beautiful little girls who have inner strength that is breathtaking when nurtured in the warmth of a loving family.


“[Gemma] loves to giggle and play with toys using her hands and feet.  According to her report, she has normal mental development and her swelling of her joints has become less of an issue as she ages.  She’s perceptive and can respond to the facial expressions of others; she can also respond when asked to give up something she is holding.  She can point to her mouth and nose, say “mom” in her native language, and will adorably pat her belly when she feels full!”

My heart?  It’s beating furiously right now just thinking about her.  I SO badly want her to find a family, and quickly!  That’s where YOU come in.

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t hoping that OUR family would be the one for her, but that door hasn’t opened up.  In the meanwhile, I advocate.  She needs a mama.  She needs a daddy.  She needs someone to fight for her and love her.  She needs a family who will nurture the strength I know she has inside of her.

Is it you?

And if not, would you pray for her?  Pray for the heart of her mama to beat furiously and the heart of her daddy to be joined in the cadence of a unified, “YES!”

She is currently listed with WACAP, and they are offering a grant for qualified families.

For more information, contact ckids@wacap.org



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