Our trip to China for Julianne was challenging in so many ways.

Culture shock?  Yes.

Jet Lag?  Oh yes.

Food challenges & wondering WHY Red Bull in China is not carbonated?  Yes, yes.

Of ALL of our 13 days there, the most difficult, but far, was our Adoption Day, January 27th.  This is how it works:


“Gotcha” Day:  you meet your child, child comes back to the hotel with you.

“Harmonious” Time:  the next 24 hours where you can still back out of the whole shebang.

Adoption Day:  where the paperwork is finalized on the China side of things.  After this day, the child is lawfully yours.


It makes COMPLETE sense that the “harmonious” period would be battle filled.  And, ours was.  Spiritual battles, that is.  There was attack in ways I never dreamed possible.  Those stories are not for this blog, but friends who were on the receiving end of desperate phone calls can vouch for the ferocity with which the Enemy tried to destroy this Family Of Six the Lord had called into being.

And so, we remember today, and we give thanks to the giver of all good things.

We are thankful that we can look back on that day and despite the cold chill that runs up our spines at the thought of all that happened, we know that the victory that occurred when we signed our names to that paperwork belongs only to God.

Praise Him!  That day?  He set one lonely girl into her family, the family He had known she would join from before she took her first breath.  He fought for it to happen, and He prevailed.  He filled a spot in our family, the enormity of which we didn’t even realize existed until we brought her home!

With our guide right outside of the office building where Julianne was made officially ours!  If we look haggard, it’s because we were battle worn.  Haggard, but happy. #peacesignfingers  

We are so thankful for the battles.  They make the victory all the more sweet.

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