Last year, Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) fell on February 19th.  We arrived home on the 5th.  Needless to say, our minds were far from a celebratory mode; we were more in, “please let this child fall asleep in less time than an hour” mode.  For the record, it didn’t happen. 😉

This year, though.  This year was different!  We have been home a full year, and my heart’s desire was to show Julianne that we value her birth country.  Our Texas Edition of CNY is more like a birthday party, only with chocolate covered fortune cookies instead of cake.


The girls got to dress up in the silks we bought them last year.  The boys don’t have authentic clothing, so they decided to dress up in church clothes for the evening.


After school was out, they made paper lanterns and monkey masks because it’s the Year of the Monkey!  They thought it was pretty fun, especially when I let them all strike a pose with their monkey masks on.  We decorated our table with red and gold and the excitement continued to grow.



We busted out the training chopsticks to eat with our Chinese food dinner, because nothing screams “authentic” like a pair of Minion chopsticks, am I right??

We told stories about our time in China last year, and drank ice-free soda in tribute to the many ice-free Cokes that were consumed.



All in all, I think we showed Julianne that we love her.  She was so excited about everything related to “her China” today.  That really was the goal- to let her know that we love her.  All parts of her.

Overall, I’d say our experience was a success!  It’s a challenge to carve out this time, it battles with 3 birthdays, 4 Valentine’s parties, 2 boys in baseball, and various other school activities, but it was worth the effort.

I felt like we should have made an effort to shoot off about a million fireworks to round out the night in true China-style, but I guess our neighbors wouldn’t have appreciated that… 😉



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