March 14th – 18th was Spring Break.

Then a few days back to a more normal routine.

Then a three-and-a-half day weekend.

I’m not going to lie.  When I first saw that this long weekend was right on the heels of Spring Break, I wanted to cry.

Spring Break was HARD.  We had fun, and if I sat and thought about it, the balance would fall on the side of “good”.

We did a few new things, like spending the morning at a local state park, which all four of the kids LOVED.  The great outdoors is their jam, and they loved hiking along the river, splashing in the water, watching birds from the bird blind, and just exploring.

SB 2016 blog 1

SB 2016 blog 2

SB 2016 blog 3

But it was so very difficult, as most off-routine/off-schedule time periods are.  Our family thrives with routine right now, and, in many ways, Spring Break seemed like a random and unwelcome diversion.

I wanted to spend as much time as we could exploring and having fun, especially since for last year’s Spring Break we were in full-blown cocooning mode since Julianne had just come home a few weeks prior.  My older three were troopers last year, so understanding about why we couldn’t do much.  Thankfully, much has changed since last year, but some things remain the same.

All of us do well with routine, but for our youngest, routine is a crucial part of understanding where she belongs in this big family picture.  Anything new or different is always prepared for ahead of time, but how exactly does one prepare a 5 year old for something like Spring Break?  I tried, but all she could understand was that things wouldn’t be the same for a few days, and she was not thrilled.

Monday and Tuesday were great, but the ball started rolling downhill on Wednesday.  By Friday, I was spent; completely exhausted.  I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.

I musta had some serious crazy eyes on Thursday, because sweet Hubs took off from work on Friday. 😉

Last Friday?  So hard.  Made me dread today and what spending all day with these children who honestly just didn’t seem to like each other AT ALL would be like.

But you know?

It has been GOOD.

I glanced into the playroom earlier and through the glass doors saw destruction.  Normally, I stay out of there when the floor isn’t visible because it just stresses me out!  But today, I noticed something a little different.

SB 2016 blog 4

They build a fort.  But instead of four separate forts like normal, where they squabble over square footage, this was ONE big fort.  Big enough for ALL of them.  TOGETHER.

It’s a good Friday, and it hasn’t escaped my notice that it’s Good Friday, too.

Today is the day in which everything seemed to be lost, when despair clouded the vision of even the most devout followers of Jesus.  He was GONE.  They may have looked out into the days and weeks ahead and seen nothing but gray.  But there is hope coming for them, too.  For all of us.  Sunday is coming.  The hope of Jesus is hope that is for all things… including forts that fit all four children in them.

If He can rise from the grave as promised, He can bind the brokenhearted, and place the lonely in families. He can bring healing, and He can make all things new.  And because of Sunday, I believe it.

He IS making all things new.

Happy Easter, friends.

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