The eyes are the window of the soul

English Proverb

On February 18th, I saw a picture, yet another picture of a little one without a family.

Around the same time, I found out that the little one who had previously grabbed my heart and twisted it around her sweet dimpled fingers had a family pursuing her.

Such rejoicing in my heart on that day.  I may have jumped up and down squealing a bit in my kitchen.  🙂   I knew that although my prayers for this precious baby would not stop, my attention was being drawn in a different direction; to a new child, another daughter waiting for her mama to see her.

Allie 1 - blog
I was SO excited when I found out this little nugget had a family coming for her!

I wrote a post a while back for No Hands But Ours about the role I felt I was in right now as a prayer mama.  Looks like that is more true than I ever suspected. And what a gift to be able to pray for these babies, to pray for the families they will one day join.  To know that in some small way, these prayers are a part of their forever stories.

Pure gift.

This girly?  Her eyes did me in.  The moment I first saw her picture, her eyes drew me in and begged for me to stand on her side, to share her story, to advocate for her.  There is not a single that that has passed since I first saw her picture that I have not thought about her and prayed for her.

Lexi 4

I remember clearly the first time I looked through Julianne’s file and the pictures that were attached to the information. There was one picture in particular I couldn’t tear my eyes away from.  It was her eyes.  They begged me to look beyond the cold and impersonal words typed on paper.  They begged me to see her, to really see her.  There were other pictures where she was smiling and happy, but the solemn look in these eyes were the tie that connected my heart to hers in that moment.

those eyes... blog copy

Julianne is home now.  But there is another.  A little girl on the other side of the world who needs a family.

This darling girl has the same medical condition Julianne has, Epidermolysis bullosa.  It’s a condition that can, quite frankly, be a little intimidating if you refuse to look into her eyes.  I have not looked at her file, I have not read her specific information, and I am not a doctor.  But I know that life with EB is more than just the medical.

It’s something very different and special to watch these children thrive.

Lexi 2

This sweet girl needs a mama something fierce. She needs someone who will take care of her boo-boos and tell her how beautiful she is on the inside and out.

She needs to celebrate her birth surrounded by people who know she is precious and tell her she is dearly loved.

She needs a family.

Lexi 3

Her eyes are homes of silent prayers.

Alfred Tennyson

It’s funny how the eyes can communicate the desire for something they aren’t even familiar with.  These eyes?  These eyes don’t know what forever looks like (yet).  But they are asking for exactly that.  They are asking us to take her side, to join the battle and find her forever.

Will you?

Better question… how can you not?

To read more about this little one, click here.

This precious girl is with an agency offering a grant for qualified families.  For more information about this or to inquire about her, you can email

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