Photography Friday (on a Saturday)

I’ve been really good about sticking to my resolution to back off of social media this summer.  This week has been refreshing.  I played with the kids more.  I read more.  I took more pictures.  I scrapbooked.  I DID more.  Because I was scrolling LESS.

It’s pretty awesome.

Remember my DIY phone jail?  It’s a keeper.  I’m saying.  If you read this and you wonder if it’s something you should do.  Do it.

Our first week of summer vacation is coming to a close, and though I’m not posting anything on Facebook, and not a super huge amount on Instagram, I wanted to share my favorite picture for the week. It’s hard to narrow it down to one!

I might do it every week.  Might not.  We shall see.

Our weather has been crazy unpredictable recently, so when we woke up on Monday and it looked like it wouldn’t rain for a while, we headed out to the zoo.

And the zoo is where I found my favorite for the week:

5.31.16 Zoo Day 2 blog

I love all of these people something fierce.  And I love how their personalities all shine in this particular photo.

See you next week!


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