We just got back from a little family vacation.  Didn’t go too far away, and have I ever mentioned how thankful I am to live within driving distance to the beach?

I love the beach.

And you know who else loves the beach?

beach blog 1

That’s right!  Miss Julianne is a HUGE fan of the beach!  I was a little worried beforehand…

What if she didn’t like the sand?

What if  her EB was made worse by the experience?

What if just being away from home increased her anxiety levels?

Turns out the only thing I had to worry about was her absolute lack of fear!

beach blog 2

I mean… can you hear the giggles?

This girl was born to be in the water.

Oh, and shells?  She officially has a collection going now.  Some of her collection had to be discreetly tossed after we discovered the critter inhabiting the shell was still alive…

Her favorites were the “butterflies”.  She was so excited to find these, and it was like seeing them for the first time when I saw her holding them.

beach blog 3

As we drove off at the end of the giggle and splash filled few days, she sighed and said, “see you later, beach!”

Yep.  Pretty sure we’re going to have to do this again.

beach blog 4

The beach and my butterfly.

These are the days.

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