This guy and I got to hang out for a while today. He said, “I love it when it’s just the two of us, mama.”

It’s rare, and I love it, too. 

We started our date with an eye exam. Turns out he’s gonna need a little help with the whole far-sighted thing… 

dilation in progress…

He also said this was pretty much, “like a date, but with me and you instead of Dadand you.”

cutest lunch date at “Jason’s Belly”

And when it’s all said and done…
it would be Blue Steel if he could stop grinning
I can’t even say how much fun it was to give this kid my undivided attention for a chunk of time today. He eats up the one-on-one attention, and I glad he could have some today. Quality Time is his love language, for sure. 
He even held my hand because, “that’s what people do on a date.”

He is definitely one of my favorite people. 

2 Comments on “lunch date”

  1. Love it! So cute that he gets that this kind of time with you is special and rare.

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