There is no possible way I am about to type this.

My fingers are rebelling.

My heart is squeezed a little tight.

My mind doesn’t want to accept it…

But it’s true.

My oldest?  She woke up as a ten-year-old this morning!

Rachel birthday blog 1

And since today is all about celebrating her, we’re up to our eyeballs in all things pineapple.  Because she thinks they’re cute.  And I kinda agree, so it was easy to go all out. 😉

Rachel birthday blog 2

Pineapples, and chocolate chip pancakes with the number ten on it.  Her daddy is a pancake artist.

After breakfast, when she had the whole day ahead of her, she decided that the only place she would like to really be was outside, so outside we went.  My girl?  She has the heart of an explorer, and I love watching her explore.  It helps that the other kids love it, too.


Rachel birthday blog 4

Rachel birthday blog 5

We walked along the river (carefully), jumped onto rocks and hung from trees.  We ate pineapple shaped cookies and pointed out every wildflower we saw.

Rachel birthday blog 6

Rachel birthday blog 7

Rachel birthday blog 8

We took a little hike through the woods, and tramped through a meadow.  We saw lizards and butterflies.  Bright blue skies and the fluffiest white clouds.

Rachel birthday blog 9

Rachel birthday blog 10

It was hot (SO. HOT.)

It was fun (SO. FUN.)

She’s getting so tall, and she’s so thoughtful.  She’s strong-willed, but not in the bad way, and curious about every little creature on the Earth.  It’s fascinating to watch her change into the young woman version of her child-self.  Fascinating.  And difficult, too.

I always tell her she broke a promise years ago.  You see, when she was three, she promised that she would stay small for me forever.  Clearly, she has not.

Rachel birthday blog 11

But you know?  I love *right now* too much.  Wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Yesterday during my quiet time, a gentle whisper nudged my heart into the direction of, “these could be the best days…” .  That thought stilled me.

How many times have I wished for a few days/months/years down the road to be here?  How many times have I lost my temper and then let that moment dictate how the rest of the day was spent?  I’ve wished for days when the daily grind is a little less intense, when all the littles can button their own jackets and tie their own shoes, when there is *quiet* and *peace* around me.

Truth is?  It’s wrong, this wishing away I do, and seeing the double digit glow on her face today has slowed me down all over again.  These are the best days.  I won’t wish them away for what’s to come, nor will I dwell on the past.  Today.  That’s it.  That’s all we’re guaranteed, and I don’t want to miss a moment of it.

Rachel birthday blog 12

Welcome to Ten, sweet girl of mine!

1 Comments on “double digit fun!”

  1. Happy “10th” Birthday, to your beautiful girl! Love the pineapple theme and the photos are lovely. Most of all, the message of being fully alive and in love with the present time is a great reminder to all. Oh, and by the way, I’ve had way too may Littles’ that broke their promise to “Never Grow Up”! Hugs – Jo

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