Thankful today for…

water fights between girls and boys running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day

my boys and my girls and how they won’t go to bed without getting a hug from me

Daddy taking the boys on a Dude’s Night Out while the girls and I get to order take-out and chill at home while committing a major no-no… EATING CANDY WHILE SITTING ON THE COUCH!  (shhhh!) 

the fact that my girls still think boys are gross, and my boys think girls are gross… 🙂

the way in which the boys play hard even with the girls around, but are at the same time gentle with the sister who needs a little extra care

the way in which the girls have high expectations for the boys helping with things like folding laundry and unloading the dishwasher

nerf guns wars, stuffed animal parties, Lego building, sewing projects, and plinking away on the piano… things both my boys and girls enjoy

the gift of wearing the title Boy Mom and Girl Mom – I cannot imagine my world without the sweetness of these people in it.

7.2.16 blog 1


Joining in?  Comment and tell me something you are thankful for. 



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