She’s obsessed with knowing if she can do certain things, “when she gets bigger, like a mommy”

Have kids

Take care of her own boo-boos

Make dinner

Drive the car

Do her own laundry

Fix her own hair

Miss Independent likes doing things for herself, but she’s also okay with having me do some things that she cannot do for now.  Being a mama is something different, she now recognizes, and she likes that mama does things for her.

She sees her hand in mine, and she knows she is loved, cared for, one of us.

7.5.16 blog

My hand is the one her hand gets to hold.

My hand is the one she stretches her fingers out against to compare size.

My hand is the one she squeezes when she’s happy, or when she’s scared.

From the first day we had together, she took my hand and walked with me like it was no big deal.  But it was.  She didn’t know that I wouldn’t ever let go, but she’s figured that out now.

Such a gift.



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