simple gratitude

I had a different post ready for today… but when I woke up and saw that more heartbreak  had been heaped onto a nation already reeling from injustices committed, well, things changed.  My typed words will always seem inadequate to me when compared to the depth of emotion I feel.  And yet to say nothing is not an option.

Today, I don’t take for granted that I was able to see my husband before he left for work today.

Today, I don’t take for granted that when he comes home tonight, I will be able to hug him and ask him how his day was.

There are women in Minnesota, Louisiana, and Dallas who saw the sun rise this morning and knew that they wouldn’t be able to do the same.

Today, I don’t take for granted that my children will automatically understand how to love others without us teaching them.  We sit, we talk candidly at their level, we cry together when our hearts are stirred by the injustices of Alton Sterling’s death, Philando Castile’s death, and the deaths of the police officers in Dallas last night.  We talk about their own right, even as children, to stand up for those who need a protector, and how that sometimes seems like a dangerous choice, but it is always the right choice.  We talk about how even at our own table, we don’t all look exactly the same, but we are all loved by the God who made us to be his image-bearers.

Today it would be easy for me to be overwhelmed by the pain, and trying to shut it off (well, that doesn’t affect ME).  Today I could try to reason it all out somehow with words; words that could never be adequate because I have not walked in the footsteps of the ones hurting.

But I can walk with them.  I can grieve with them.

I am grateful that mourning has it’s place in Christianity.  If Jesus weeps, then surely the tears that fall from our eyes are worthwhile.  And may the tears fall.  May our hearts not be turned to stone when we hear about yet another round of brutality in our country.  May we not brush it off with “that’s just how it is and nothing can change it.”  

Change us, Lord!  Help us see what you see.  Show us how to love like you love.

May we not forget the simple gratitude of being given Today.








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