how was your holiday?

“How was your holiday?!?”

People keep asking me this question.  So, here is the answer:  It was… okay.

There were good bits, there were great bits, there were funny bits.

There were tears shed, books read, cookies eaten.

There was crafting, and gifting, and a little bit of yelling at each other.

There was outside time and inside time, crazy flip-flopping weather, and the start of cedar allergy season.

There were doctor’s appointments and dentist appointments and prescriptions filled.

There was movie-night-at-home, and movie-at-the-theater, and popcorn with both.

There was joy.  There was stress.

There nights the kids stayed up late and nights we sent them to bed early.

There was grieving, and consoling, and a reminder that the holidays aren’t easy for some folks.

It was good, and crazy.  Sometimes good + crazy.  Sometimes just crazy.

It was life.

Our life.

So, if you ask, I’ll probably just say, “Okay.  It was okay.” There was so much more to it, but that about sums it up.

Happy New Year!

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