“Mommy, I have another blister.  Can I pop it all by myself?”

Her voice was so hopeful.  She knows what to do.  She’s watched us pop more blisters than I can keep track of during the two years we’ve had her home with us.

“I don’t know, J.  The needles are very sharp.  How about when you’re seven?”

I was hesitant.  She just turned six, so maybe I could buy myself almost 365 days before having to take this big step.  I confess that part of me just wasn’t ready to give this task over to her; I’ve only been her mama for two short years and I want more time to be the primary caretaker of all of her boo-boos.

“Mommy, I promise.  I can do it.  I promise.”

Giving over control of wound care is significant in her world.  It’s a step that says, “I trust you.”

And so, I did.

Ever so carefully, she pulled out the supplies she would need.  Sterile gauze, sterile needle, alcohol wipe.

She wiped the blister sites clean to disinfect them.

I had to help her a bit getting the cap off of the needle.

She took it from me with confidence and, while I watched, poked holes in those blisters and drained them.

And when she was finished?

“See Mommy!  I can do it!”

I’m so proud of my little butterfly and this big first.

She’s braver than most.

I did take a video of this for her own memories, but I’m not sharing that publicly.  I have uploaded a portion of the audio file… her little voice is too precious to not share.

1 Comments on “a big first!”

  1. Whitney, I loved your comment, “she’s braver than most.” That’s what I think about you when I see you with your sweet family even at a distance. I would agree that was a big first for both of you brave girls!

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