Today?  Today we celebrate the fact that you are now SIX!!!

3.18.17 1

You waited a long time to be six, my girl.  It seemed like a much longer wait that the norm, probably because your older brother was six during the whole year you were waiting to be six.  But now, you’re here!  You’ve arrived.  You are all the fingers on one hand plus one from the other, and you are thrilled to tell everyone you are FINALLY six.

3.18.17 2

You’ve definitely changed a lot in the last year, sweet girl.  You’ve grown taller, more independent, and you started full time school.  You’re thriving this year, and it’s a joy to watch.  You are beginning to know who you are, and you’re liking what you find.  This year, you started taking dance class, and your teachers love you as much as everyone else who crosses paths with you.

Oh, and did I mention?  You’ve got some serious sass.  Sass for days.  And most of the time, it makes me giggle.

3.18.17 3

Favorite color – pink and white

Favorite animal – ponies and unicorns

Favorite food – oatmeal with blueberries and eggs

Favorite movie – Moana, Frozen, and Little Mermaid

Favorite thing to do – play with my dolls

 What do you want to be when you grow up? – a doctor, and a princess

3.18.17 4

This year you get to celebrate with your first REAL birthday party!  We ordered the pretty invitations, we reserved a fun place to play, and we searched for the perfect tutu skirt to pair with your birthday shirt.  You’ve had a countdown going for quite a while, and today is the day!  It’s time to celebrate YOU, Julianne.  You are so worth celebrating.

3.18.17 5

Happy sixth birthday, Julianne!  We love you!

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