Sometimes you wake up to see the sun rise and are met with darkness, clouds, a downpour of rain off in the distance. 


Sure, it’s not what I rubbed sleep out of my eyes to see, but the downpour left me wanting a drenching of my own- a Holy Spirit sort of reminder of who I am, who my Father says I am. And so, I listened while the wind blew and the waves crashed. 

My expectation was to be dazzled by color, drawn to praise. 

Instead, I was quieted by the storm, drawn to repentance. 

Unexpected. Good. 

Twenty-four hours later, my eyes appreciated the beauty of the sun rise in a new way, in a deeper way. My soul could process the beauty differently because of the clouds. 


One Comment on “when the unexpected is good

  1. Perfect! I’d think you wrote this for me!!
    Braiding hair……who would’ve thought❤

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