We went on a little nature walk today.

Truth be told, I was tired of being inside and FYI – video games drive me insane.

So, on this last day of Christmas break, we cheerfully adventured I forced my cherubs into the out-of-doors.

They love me. 😉

1.7.19 3

There were no play gyms.

No exercise equipment.

No flashy signs.

1.7.19 2

Lest you think we are living some sort of nature-hike-loving life, let me redirect you to the truth…

There was still some complaining.

Still some whining.

Still some bickering.

And, oh yeah, some forced “act like you love each other” photo ops. I had to PROMISE not to share on the internet because that’s how much they looooove group photos.

1.7.19 5


We hunted for poison ivy (didn’t find any, whew),

we imagined what kind of animals might be living under the torn up roots of a tree,

and we admired the age of some of the older trees we came across.

We walked carefully across wet rocks,

debated the value of following one path or another,

and spotted minnows in a holding tank underneath a windmill.


All in all, it was perfectly imperfect and I loved *almost* every moment of it.







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