Wordless Wednesday

For the ability to bring the outdoors to the indoors during the hottest times of the year… Thankful. 

She’s obsessed with knowing if she can do certain things, “when she gets bigger, like a mommy” Have kids Take care of her own boo-boos Make dinner Drive the car Do her own laundry Fix her own hair Miss Independent likes doing… Read More


I’m thankful to be free as an American. I’m even more thankful to be free in Christ. Freedom comes with the responsibility to beware of abuses… and while it is easy these days to scroll social media and read all about abuse… Read More

Thankful today for… water fights between girls and boys running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day my boys and my girls and how they won’t go to bed without getting a hug from me Daddy taking the boys on a… Read More

Yesterday made me realize that there is never a wrong time to focus on gratitude.  So, that’s the plan for July!  Every post, every photograph… all focused on being thankful.  And what better timing?  July is here and the full-steam-ahead month of… Read More

choose gratitude!

The schedule was already going to be tight, and then an unexpected twist made it a little tighter.  Funny how quickly Satan jumps on the twists and turns and blows them sky-high out of proportion in a matter of a few heartbeats. … Read More

I bet if I looked back and found any blogs posted during the last week of school, they would contain similar themes… Excitement about the impending summer vacation and the freedom to step back from the scheduled existence we live during the… Read More

the Lord’s purpose prevails

A few days ago, someone who works in the Children’s Ministry at our church called and asked if I would say something, a “God at work” story at the training meeting we were having the following Sunday.  I agreed to pray about… Read More

To My Non-Adoptive Mama Friends

You, dear non-adoptive friend, spent months watching us wait for this child that we desperately wanted to travel for and bring home. You cheered when we got new pictures to proudly display, and you faithfully followed the blog posts that detailed all… Read More

every little thing

Like many, I sat outside for a while last night and watched as the “super” moon lunar eclipse.  In my neck of the woods it was not a clear night; there really wasn’t anything “super” about the moon itself.  The eclipse, though,… Read More