July Gifts {Day One}

Life is crazy right now.  Summer is in full swing and our first summer as a family of six is proving to be quite an experience.  Blogging is falling to the wayside mainly because I don’t have enough coherent thoughts to THINK… Read More

blessings piled high

Mother’s Day 2005:  I was beginning to think that maybe being a mom was something for me.  Up until this point, I wasn’t sure that I really wanted any kids at all!  I taught middle school kiddies all day, and by the… Read More

Julianne {three months home}

We landed, home-sweet-home, on February 5th of this year. Today is May 5th… so we’ve officially made it through a quarter of a year! Seems a little surreal to me… that we’ve been home with this girl for three months.  They have… Read More

it started with a question…

“What kind of pajamas work best for EB kiddos? Suggestions??” That’s what I posted one day not long after coming home with Julianne in a private EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa) group on Facebook.  This group has been so helpful to us in our… Read More

disarming kindness

It’s time. The time has arrived to start making short outings a part of our days.  Maybe not EVERY day, but it has to happen.  Outings are needed, but they aren’t easy.  Often times, being in a new environment makes the rest… Read More

good gifts

Ever read The Five Love Languages? Years ago, when Matt and I were engaged, I read this book.  And, it made total sense.  All people show and receive love in different ways.  Some people love it when their main squeeze holds their… Read More

current theme song…

Getting There Further seems forever Until you’ve seen, until you get there Until you feel that promised land beneath your feet There’s a reason for the journey There is purpose in the learning Not everything in life comes naturally No, not everything… Read More

Photography Friday: the kitchen table

A couple of weeks ago I walked into my kitchen and saw the table looking a little like this. This is pretty typical.  There is rarely a table surface in our house that doesn’t have some sort of project spread all over… Read More

Photography Friday: a pre-adoption “maternity” shoot!

I knew that at SOME point before we got Julianne, I wanted to do a family photography session, kind of a maternity session style.  I don’t have “belly pictures” of Julianne, and I never will.  Regardless, we wanted to document the waiting… Read More

a few gifts

Today I’m kinda grouchy.  I didn’t sleep super well. (It may have been the dream about trying to pet a baby deer that kept running away.  The deer turned into Julianne and I couldn’t hold her.) Or, it could be the heat… Read More