We are moving along in the home building process!  This morning is our pre-drywall walk-through.  That basically means that we’ll go through the house as it is, make sure that all is good, and then they start throwing the drywall up! It’s… Read More

a time & a season (part IV of IV)

Oh my friends.  It’s time.  Time to post about the impending arrival of a new little one in our family. I will be careful in writing this, and probably sit with it a few days to make sure I’ve communicated everything clearly…. Read More

a new place to call home (part III of IV)

I honestly thought that we’d be in this house for a while.  Probably a long while.  We love the area, we’re super close to church and many conveniences.  However, deep down was the desire to eventually get out of the two-story and… Read More

the not so cryptic answer (part II of IV)

My last post I indicated that there were lots of things going on in our family. Three big ones, to be exact, and I only let you in the know with one of them… our choice to homeschool our daughter next year… Read More

finding JOY

This morning, I had had it.  You know, when you reach the point where you are just tired trying to do it all yourself?  I was there.  Actually, I’ve been there for a few days. The solution? Time with my best Friend…. Read More

Jesus & Hello Kitty

I recently returned from my third trip to Reynosa, Mexico.  I went as a part of a church group that had two goals. One:  build two houses for families in need. Two:  share the love of Jesus. Both goals were achieved. The… Read More

twins by surprise! OR God’s timing is always perfect!

***Warning… I wrote this when I was super excited.  Like, GIDDY excited.  So, if I ramble, I apologize. 🙂  *** Just to calm the nerves of anyone who read this and thought I might actually be BIRTHING twins… no.  No, I am… Read More

teaching thankfulness

Being born in America has its distinct advantages.  We definitely have freedoms beyond what most of the world could even imagine. Being born in America also has its disadvantages.  We who profess to be followers of Christ must struggle against a culture… Read More

perfect timing

This week, I had the opportunity to organize our office closet. Yes, I said “opportunity”. You see, I actually like organizing closets and stuff. Really, I LOVE it. It’s true. As I was sorting through piles of things that had managed to… Read More