every good and perfect gift…

I don’t know how it happened, but over the course of the past year, my introverted side has taken over my social life.  For real.  Like, to the point that I tended to avoid social situations mainly comprised of fellow ladies; it… Read More

My life through Colonia eyes…

Last night I returned from a trip across the border to a Colonia in Reynosa, Mexico.  Although I am sure there is absolutely ZERO chance I could ever communicate everything I want to, I’m at least going to try a bit… because… Read More

Nov 11- thankful for my dad

Can’t say enough about how much I love my dad. He is honest, caring, and chock-full of integrity. He has listened when he could have shouted, obeyed when he could have argued, and stayed when he could have left. Thanks, dad, for… Read More

Nov 10 – thankful for friends!

Okay, I know I did not post this on the 10th, and the “official” post for the 11th will come later… 🙂 Yesterday I was thankful for the friends God has put in my life.  It was one of those days, you… Read More

Nov. 8- thankful for storytime

Matt is the best storytime reader! The kids love hearing all of his voices. I am thankful to have a husband who doesn’t care how goofy he sounds!

Nov 6- thankful to serve with others

Had the chance to do another ice cream social at a local nursing home with our Life Group from church. Always a joy to see the joy on their sweet wrinkled faces! This sweet lady kept requesting songs, funniest was La Cucaracha!… Read More

An explanation…

This month I’ve decided to do something I’ve only thought about in the past… a post every day in November telling something I’m thankful for. Most of the posts will probably be quick-post from my phone, but hopefully I will find the… Read More