Passwords, passwords…

Some things are just more private, you know?

Some thoughts, some words, some blog posts.

Thank you for respecting my right to choose to password protect some of my thoughts.

You may ask for the password, however, that is not a guarantee that you will receive it.  

7 Comments on “protected posts???”

  1. May I have the password? I’ve seen posts before that required passwords and haven’t asked for one, but your latest post about the truth being necessary, hits home…

  2. Stumbled upon your blog and enjoying! However, I can’t continue enjoying without a password ;0 I would love to continue reading and enjoying 🙂 Thanks friend for taking the time to blog these events.

  3. Hello- we adopted our daughter from China a little over a year ago- best thing ever! She also has EB and I’d be glad to connect!

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