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filling the love tank

What is it that people say when they’re sorry but not really sorry about something? That’s what I am. Sorry for the back-to-back posts. Not sorry at all because it’s cuteness that MUST be recorded. Another great day?  Yes.  That is what… Read More

on fire

Today is one of those difficult days in the adoption waiting process.  Most days are good; although the wait is never EASY, it’s not all-consuming.  Every now and then a day arrives in which I battle the constant temptation to dwell on… Read More

girl time!

If there’s something I’m feeling as we get closer and closer to traveling to get Julianne, it’s the need to spend more one-on-one time with my kids.  With the goal of spending at least one “date” with each kid individually before travel,… Read More

current theme song…

Getting There Further seems forever Until you’ve seen, until you get there Until you feel that promised land beneath your feet There’s a reason for the journey There is purpose in the learning Not everything in life comes naturally No, not everything… Read More


I am making this the theme song for our adoption process. I love love love the way is speaks to what my heart NEEDS to hear, the way it describes where we have been, and where we will go, the way it… Read More

catching up

Blogging has been relegated to the back burner for a few weeks because, let’s face it.  As much as I love blogging, and as much I am SURE you LOVE reading my posts… it’s just not my priority right now. Other things… Read More

something and nothing at all

  A pointless title for a here-and-there post. I got an email from the WordPress folks.  See, I had told them my goal was to post once a week.  I figured, “hey, with everything we have going on, surely I’ll have something… Read More

my apologies, but…

my brain, y’all.  My brain is working at crazy high capacity. It really is difficult to understand this adoption insanity unless you have been through it.  I know that. So, please bear with me. Please know that I WANT to have the… Read More