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I’m a mess about 95% of the time. I get angry really easily. I truly and with a deep and abiding passion HATE the disease my daughter has to live with. I truly and with a deep and abiding passion HATE what… Read More

bringing Abby* home

*The name of this sweet girl I’m about to tell you about has been changed for sharing purposes.¬† I will explain more about that later. ūüôā One day, not very many days ago, my sister called me.¬† I answered thinking it was… Read More


Over one thousand days ago I sat down with a calculator, a piece of paper, a pencil and a bruised heart. We were in the middle of the toughest days we had known to date.¬† Our post-adoption journey was difficult, and though… Read More


Today? ¬†Today we celebrate the fact that you are now SIX!!! You waited a long time to be six, my girl. ¬†It seemed like a much longer wait that the norm, probably because your older brother was six during the whole year… Read More

a big first!

“Mommy, I have another blister. ¬†Can I pop it all by myself?” Her voice was so hopeful. ¬†She knows what to do. ¬†She’s watched us pop more blisters than I can keep track of during the two years we’ve had her home… Read More

this is what I know

It’s a joy to be able to share my heart at No Hands But Ours every month. This post is special to me. ¬†I don’t pretend to know everything about parenting or adoption, or parenting through adoption. ¬†But there are some things… Read More

two years

Yesterday was the anniversary of the day we arrived home with our newest daughter. I will never ever forget the emotion flooding through me as we de-planed and walked down the hall to the escalator. ¬†I will never forget the light-headed feeling… Read More


Today marks the day when we saw Julianne for the first time face-to-face. ¬†We had loved her from afar for nine long months, and finally, we saw her. ¬†I will never forget the feelings from that day. ¬†The way my fingertips felt… Read More

a toothy sort of tale

In my house, I am the puller-of-teeth. ¬†Something about it gives Hubs the eeby-jeebies and he just cannot handle it. ¬†I, on the other hand, posses the necessary personality traits to get ‘er done… namely, the ability to keep on yanking when… Read More

undone yet again

There are some nights when all I can do is sit outside your room and listen to the keening sounds of grief. The years of neglect show strong as you push away our attempts to console. I’m not even completely sure I… Read More