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Today I’m going to talk a bit about the Chosen Marathon for Adoption! Adoption is not a cheap venture.  We knew this going in to our adoption, and finances is part of why we waited until we did to start our process…. Read More


Aunt Kate… this is especially for you!  Finally figured out how to make this work.  Okay, the WordPress folks helped me realize how to make this work.  Potato, Pah-ta-toe. 😉  

Wordless Wednesday: Julianne!!

something and nothing at all

  A pointless title for a here-and-there post. I got an email from the WordPress folks.  See, I had told them my goal was to post once a week.  I figured, “hey, with everything we have going on, surely I’ll have something… Read More

Why International? Why China?

In the past 51 days, we’ve had a number of responses from people when they find out that we are adopting. Most folks are really excited.  Some are surprised.  Some react in ways I wouldn’t have foreseen. Yes, there are those people…… Read More


Yeah.  I did just use a hash tag as the title of this post. #nothisisnotajoke 🙂 Enough of that though… When we went started our adoption process (50 days ago… but who’s counting?), I wanted to try to be as transparent and… Read More

my apologies, but…

my brain, y’all.  My brain is working at crazy high capacity. It really is difficult to understand this adoption insanity unless you have been through it.  I know that. So, please bear with me. Please know that I WANT to have the… Read More

Relationship before Rules

Part of the adoption process is going through a lot of training.  A lot. Which is good, because this will be a big change for our family!  A BIG one! One of the training modules spoke about something that has really stuck… Read More

what’s in a name?

WE.                 HAVE. A. NAME!!!!! And yes, I do think that statement is worthy of all caps.  I do. 🙂 Matt and I have been discussing (even before we started paperwork) our list of potential… Read More

“what if”

I’m not normally a “what-if-er”.  I know the type because I have been the type. Over time I’ve realized that what-if-ing is just a BIG. FAT. WASTE. OF. TIME. And then, our adoption process began. And our home-building process began. AND we… Read More